With the help of our promotional-products full-service you can quickly realize individual advertising products

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“In good times, people want to advertise, in bad times, they have to.”

Bruce Barton

Are you looking for a partner who can help you in every phase of the creation of an advertising product? We are there for you! As a professional full-service partner for promotional items, we offer you tailor-made promotional items for your company. The promotional-products full-service covers all stages beginning from the advertising idea, over the individual production up to the final completion and distribution of the advertising products. We can create completely individual advertising novelties or modify already manufactured advertising articles and provide them with your logo. Whatever you decide, with our promotional-products full-service we are at your side.

We advise you also over the possibilities of the realization of suitable advertising novelties. You can send us your design proposals or your logo. We will implement it on existing advertising novelties. Thanks to the full promotional-products service, it is easy to turn your ideas into a finished product that you can present to your customers. After your promotional item has been created or mass produced, our promotional full service ensures that the goods are shipped or stored until you need them. As you can see, the complete process from the idea to the finished product can be done very quickly if you have the right promotional full- service partner at your side.

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Right from the start openmindz specialized in creative and high-quality products and convinced the customers with goal-oriented know-how and free consulting. The individual custom-made products became the core competence of openmindz.

Individual products right from the start: With the help of close friends in China, the first own bath duck designs and the first plush animals were initially designed and produced as mascots for the customers. Further production sites soon followed and the portfolio of suitable suppliers in Germany and worldwide grew steadily. The positive feedback from customers helped openmindz to grow rapidly. The two successful business divisions for rubber ducks and stuffed animals were given the name „squeakworld“ and “softcuddlyworld” right from the start and are now making their own brand appearance. Meanwhile the squeakworld is one of the leading suppliers for rubber ducks and custom-made bath toy productions. The same is true for the plushtoyplanet, which over the years has established itself as a renowned manufacturer of high-quality plush mascots and individual cuddly toys of all kinds.

At the beginning of 2008, the family business moved into a new company building in Heidelberg. The fact that Heidelberg is a university location ensured that openmindz was able to grow strongly with the help of new, well-educated employees. Only four years later, openmindz had to move again because the office space had become too small due to a team that had grown further and the warehouse which quickly became too small. In 2012, the company moved within Heidelberg into the freshly renovated office in the city center located in the Bahnhofstraße. In the warehouse there is space for approximately 750 000 rubber ducks, which are available besides the many other new creations and the imports stocked for customers. Since 2019 openmindz maintains a further large warehouse, so that now even better the storage desires of the customers can be dealt with. As part of openmindz’s full- service offer, the products can be shipped just-in-time and according to the customer’s wishes.


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